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List of the use cases

Use case name Addressed challenges
Handover to support Accessing SAP Fiori launchpad set up know-how
Universal application identification Clear identification of the applications in scope
Scope control Scope creep and impact on maintenance and support costs
Gathering requirements Single, shared point of truth accessible to all team members, enabling simultaneous edits
Avoiding Excel challenges Content duplication, 1 to N mapping, and consistency
Recording test results Recording test results
Evaluating upgrade impact Evaluating upgrade impact
Adding new application to user Additional decisions on updating catalogs
Clarity of responsibility Diffused responsibility on the content that is shared
Naming conventions Consistent naming when different team members create and change content identifiers
SAP Fiori setup transparency SAP Fiori setup specification transparent for all project members.
Comparing blueprint with system setup Comparing blueprint with system setup
Transparency of app technology categories Insight into the app technology category to ensure the availability of a competent expert and plan technology improvements
Changes history Tracking the history of changes in the app
Automation of access grating Automated authorization provisioning based on the user requests
Centralized test users lists with passwords Instead of scrambling with e-mailed lists, you can rely on the Test User app. This handy app logs all our test users, centralizes management and is accessible to everyone in the QA system.