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Before deciding to use Fiori Tracker suite, it's a good idea to understand the philosophy behind the project. That way, you can make sure it fits with what you're trying to achieve.

Design principles

  • Build to free the team from routine work - On our fist S/4HANA implementation we noticed many routine tasks that SAP Developers and other SAP S/4HANA team members kept doing in addition of their main work. One example is explaining how to identify the Fiori applications and what is needed to enable them for end users. We build Fiori Tracker to get rid of those mundane tasks and focus on our main goals.

  • Made to blueprint - Besides the system setup, maintaining records of the intended system configuration streamlines S/4HANA deployment and support. This clear distinction between planning and execution minimizes delays.

  • Accessible for all team members - Available in your SAP landscape, for example in QA system with the same SAP users your team already has.

  • Connected with actual system setup

  • Open for further development - Since first customer implementation in 2016 we have rebuild the Fiori Tracker Suite multiple times to accommodate new types of content and relationships. Each new relation leverages the existing pool of content types. Moreover, the suite is open to customer-specific extensions that may not be included in official releases.