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Fiori Tracker Suite

Fiori Tracker is a suite of SAP Fiori-native apps (see the complete list) for tracking your SAP Fiori launchpad's implementation scope. The scope is the list of the applications and catalogs you plan to implement or support (referred to as "To-be" records). Application's and catalog's "To-be" records serve as a reference configuring SAP Fiori launchpad and for comparison with actual system configuration (called "As-is"). "As-is" relations enable the project team to control setting up the SAP Fiori launchpad, witch is crucial in projects with many applications deployed across multiple systems.

Handy add-ons available

Fiori Tracker offers a stack of relations linking your SAP Fiori application to related records like mapping to catalogs, roles, and usage statistics. Choose and install only the relations you need.

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