Use case: How to get an overview of how the User Acceptance Tests (UAT) for the SAP Fiori apps is going?

With the Most frequently used apps function of the Fiori Tracker, SAP S/4 HANA implementation, that project manager is getting, is a perfect overview of how the UAT is progressing.

Please, take a look at the screenshot of this function:

Note the columns with the application start count:

  • In total (“Total”)
  • For last calendar week (“Last calendar week”)
  • For the current day (“Today”)

With a large number of the applications to be tested, the information, on whether any user has run the app, gives a good indicator of how the testing is progressing.

The function has a filleting for:

  • Functional area
  • Application type

So, it is a valuable source of information for every manager to see, what is the activity for different functional areas. The statistic can be generated per business line and used for status meetings on test progress. It also gives a glance at how performing the tests team members are occupied at the time.

The records for each run are collected as long, as the plugin is enabled. Also, all other statistic analyses can be performed. The statistics can also take under the consideration the data from other aspects covered with the Fiori Tracker like:

  • sign-offs from “Sign off” functionality
  • assignments to roles or catalogs