Don’t miss SAP Inside Track Wroclaw 2019, Fiori Tracker will be there!

Grzegorz Malewski will describe the challenges that come with the governing implementation of a large number of the SAP Fiori applications, and the free tool that helps to ease those challenges called Fiori Tracker.

Fiori Tracker serves as living documentation and a central registry of apps that are being implemented or supported in your S/4 HANA project. With the Fiori Tracker whole team knows what apps are in scope and how they should be configured. It provides one view to manage the entire set of the Fiori apps. With Fiori Tracker the team gets one place to collect what was agreed with functional stream leads while enforcing naming conventions and avoiding duplication.

Where Capgemini office at Legnicka 48 building H (same building as in 2018)

When May 18, 2019 during 10:00-17:30 ( 14:50-15:20 Fiori Tracker presentation)