Use case: Enforcing naming conventions for groups catalogs and roles

Each set of implemented SAP Fiori app will require grouping them into Fiori launchpad catalogs and groups. In projects with functional streams, a number of functional leads (3-7) come up with their set of groups depending on their stream users needs. The consistent naming convention that is shared between the streams will speed up the process of dealing with catalogs and groups later when other team members like SAP Fiori developers or Basis specialists start handing them in the process of support and maintenance.

To address that need Fiori Tracker has a function of enforcing the naming conventions. By default, it enforces a fixed prefix: ZC_* for catalogs and ZG_* for groups. It can be also set to enforce the stream linkage in the following form: ZC_P2P_*, ZC_O2C_*. All this helps enables speedy navigation in other tools like SAP Fiori designer. With entering a fixed prefix allows listing all custom catalogs and business groups. Exteding it with the stream name limits the list to a particular stream wich later whe n different tema members mange the catalog prove to very handy.