Stop spending hours editing Excel sheets to maintain SAP Fiori Launchpad catalog and role assignments

Typically each S/4 HANA implementation has a number of huge Excel sheets containing application details and its assignments to catalogs, groups, and roles. Unfortunately, these sheets get often out of sync causing most of the parts not to be up-to-date. Once they are out of date handling any catalog or role hanges becomes a nightmare.

That is how typical Excel sheet for grouping and catalog assignments for SAP Fiori Launchpad applications looks like

As SAP Fiori developer or SAP basis specialist who in most cases is in charge of provisioning Fiori launchpad changes, you are the one responsible for keeping apps in order. You have two choices: either spend time maintaining spreadsheets or spend even more time discussing with project team members how to maintain them so they themselves can come up with consistent requests for changes. Either way, you end up spending more time on not doing what you are specialized in which can be frustrating.

Fiori Tracker takse away this repetitive, administrative task by presenting how existing apps are linked with existing catalogs and what impact will have the cahnges to catalogs. You get the view on the history of chagnes that gets logged with date and time stamp each time the change is made.