Clarity on responsibility for SAP Fiori applications

One of the major goals of project management is the clarity on responsibility.

Fiori Tracker makes it crystal clear who is responsible for each SAP Fiori application available through SAP Fiori Launchpad. The information is available in seconds directly from the application itself (with Fiori Launchpad plugin), or through the application card view.

All applications in scope can be found with a Google-like search function. The responsibility is determined based on the application stream assignment: Each application is assigned to the stream, each stream has named functional consultant assigned. Applications that belong to P2P stream have P2P functional consultant set as responsible and so on, depending on how you decide to set up your streams. This way in case of changes, in a functional consultant position, the assignment is passed through the stream assignment, and there is no need to update attributes of the application itself.
Same assignment rule is applied for Fiori Launchpad business catalogs, groups, and roles.

During the implementation phase, you will find this function useful whenever you will need to:

  • Set the scope for implementation, testing or for go-live readiness for each stream
  • Assign resolving issues resulting from testing the application
  • Make decisions on assignment to roles, Fiori launchpad business catalogs or groups

During support when:

  • Set the assignee for issues reported by end users