Free Documentation Assistant

Automate your documentation preparation with Fiori Tracker.

From gathering and controlling requirements to linking with actual setup and usage statistics, Fiori Tracker helps you avoid common stumble points and cut project time from weeks down to days.

What it is?

Fiori Tracker is an SAP add-on for managing documentation on SAP Fiori launchpad enabled content (including roles) and comparing it with actual system configuration.

The tool has easy to use SAP Fiori based interface. It is usually run from the quality, or SAP GRC system and connects to your SAP system landscape to collect actual setup and statistics on application usage.

Features and benefits

  • Replaces vast Excel sheets containing application details and its assignments to catalogs, groups, and roles that are hard to share
  • Brings a centrally managed view, enriched with details pulled directly from SAP systems
  • Makes clear who from the team is responsible for the parts of Fiori launchpad configuration
  • Enforces naming conventions
  • Speeds up reporting issues discovered while testing or using apps
  • Reports statistics on apps usage (apps popularity)