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Track your SAP Fiori launchpad apps

Fiori Tracker helps SAP teams minimize delays by simplifying the SAP Fiori app management process. It links app records to catalogs, roles, Fiori App Usage and other records. You can use the records to simplify the process of getting SAP Fiori launchpad content requirements.


  • Single source of truth

    Your project scope definition and foundation for custom application documentation

    Reliable living docs

  • Project collaboration platform

    All project members: Functional, Basis, Roles and Authorizations experts and Developers

    Satisfied Interests

  • Hosted in your SAP landscape

    Comes as a native SAP Fiori app that you can install on any SAP system, blueprint docs tied to actual SAP Fiori system config

    Deployment options

  • Set up in 1 day

    Install Fiori Tracker by importing transport requests and following the guide




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Compatible with SAP S/4HANA releases from 1610 to 2023.